The Pleistocene Redemption is a novel revised from its 1997 hardcover (Cypress House) and 1998 softcover (AncientProphecies.com Press) versions.  Its third edition in 2011 is the best ever!  For reviews, the novel itself, and more, use links at the upper left.  Serious rights inquiries only must be directed to 704-362-1001.

The Pleistocene Redemption (TPR) sold about 4,100 hard and soft cover copies net of returns with scant marketing.  Its third edition (Kindle format) is improved and is an even better read than the printed editions!  TPR achieved four significant milestones by 1998:

  • Finalist for the Writers’ Foundation Best of America Award
  • Highest scores ever when evaluated in "Writers Showcase"
  • Voted 14th of 29 novels in 2nd round Nebula Award voting by Science Fiction Writers of America members.  (The top ten in 2nd round become finalists, and     The Pleistocene Redemption beat out over a hundred other novels by SFWA     members in order to compete in that voting.)
  • Twenty-six strong accolades by well-known authors and reviewers, now set in three categories in the front matter:  literary, scientific, and spiritual (see accolades link at left).  That noted, the book became quite controversial.  Readers & reviewers either hated or loved it; few in between.  There's gotta be something there if it pleases or strikes nerves that deeply!

A summary appears below with the cover image. Near the bottom is a brief author's note.  Here's a memory device that helps with the title:  The Pleistocene was the epoch of Ice, and its pronunciation recalls a "scene with ice on toes," as for "Pl-ice-toe-scene."

Back cover enticement:

Cloning sheep, cattle, and chimps is only the beginning.

Using Fossil Gene Redemption (FGR), geneticist Kevin G. Harrigan experiments with genes from a frozen "Ice Man." His work prompts Iraqi leader Ismail Mon to provide resources for exciting new research that enables Harrigan’s team to regenerate extinct animals and human sub-species from the Ice Ages. But when it is discovered that FGR is also the basis for genetic weapons of mass destruction, United States intelligence and defense leaders must act.

The Pleistocene Redemption, radically different from Jurassic Park, deals with two new methods of species regeneration. Will FGR trigger the Resurrection of the Dead? The major religions’ prophecies portend the regeneration of humankind as both physical and spiritual. What physical mechanisms could manifest this new dawn? Might they instead herald the terrifying sunset of humanity?

See front matter for illustrations and other reviews & endorsements.  Just four of twenty-eight endorsements appear below.

"... Thoroughly compelling. ...The climax, containing one of the finest action sequences in recent fiction, approaches apocalyptic dimensions… . While Michael Crichton’s Jurassic stories were interesting, Gallagher ups the ante dramatically and intellectually."

--Richard J. Woods, OP, author of Mysticism and Prophecy and fiction works.

"… Hard to put down… hauntingly close to real possibilities… terrifying. I truly enjoyed the action, excitement, politics, human drama, all mixed with enough science to make me think that perhaps this could really happen."

--Scott R. Woodward, Ph.D., geneticist, Brigham Young University

“Thrilling new insight into the increasingly lethal Culture of Death pandemic.  Not only is the style of writing riveting, but the scientific and ethical infrastructure of this remarkable work is faultless.  A brave new voice is heard on the pro-life stage!”

--Bernard N. Nathanson, M.D., author of The Hand of God

“With skill, wit and humor, Gallagher deftly propels readers. This fun and pleasurable tale is hauntingly profound. Accelerating powerfully within natural and supernatural realms, it enthralls, consoles and terrifies. This important thriller melds biotechnology, espionage, spiritual challenge, prehistoric adventure and more. A compelling and meaningful experience, The Pleistocene Redemption joins the ranks of Shelley's Frankenstein, Huxley's Brave New World and Miller's A Canticle for Leibowitz.”

--Russell E. Smith, STD, KHS, 1992-96 President, The Pope John Center, a bioethics institute

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Note from the Author

Thank you for considering The Pleistocene Redemption. This third edition is the same story as its predecessors, but has been improved in pace, point of view, and clarity.  The front matter reveals that this novel is a provocative spiritual and scientific thriller that can enliven any book discussion group.  Please kindly mention it to friends & acquaintances.  Please also note the following important descriptive and age-appropriateness information:

This tale, firmly grounded in real science and actual prophecy, has no evolutionism or creationism themes, nor does it feature any dinosaurs.  It is an allegory best read on two levels.  It is an adventure for the entertainment of demanding readers.  On a subtler level, it is a spiritual thriller to intrigue thoughtful readers.  The Pleistocene Redemption is only appropriate for adult and teenage readers who are mature enough to accept a challenge to grapple with the serious issues of life – its creation and meaning.  --DG

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